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Databases - Practical PostgreSQL
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Including LXP Files

Any LXP file can be included within another LXP file, if the Apache server has read access to the document specified in the src attribute. Any variables set in the including LXP document will be both accessible, and modifiable, by the included LXP document.

To include an LXP file, open an LXP region, and use the following syntax where lxpfile is the name of the LXP file you wish to include:

  <include src="
" />

Note: When an LXP file is included, it is parsed as if it had been directly called. Therefore, you must still use the <lxp> tag to open an LXP region in the included LXP document before you are able to use LXP tags within it.

Since the output of the included LXP document is embedded in place of the <include> tag itself, no closing tag is necessary with this inclusion method. In this case, the <include> tag should be an empty-element tag (i.e., with a trailing slash). If the LXP file you are including does not have an extension ending in .lxp , you may force it to be parsed by the LXP module by using the method="lxp" attribute.

Suppose that you have an LXP application that provides different content depending on the virtual host accessing the site. Each virtual host's DocumentRoot could store just a single index.lxp file, configured to include the root LXP application from another directory. Example 13-21 demonstrates such a simple top-level file, which sets two protected LXP variables, and includes the root LXP file.

Example 13-21. Including an LXP document

  <setvar lxp.virtual_host="0" />
  <setvar lxp.access_level="1" />
  <include src="../application/index.lxp" />
Databases - Practical PostgreSQL
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