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deprecatedThis tag is officially deprecated. That means that this tag is being phased out, and it is strongly suggested that you not use it.

<XMP> indicates a block of text where all HTML tags are ignored. The only tag that is not ignored is </XMP>.

Here's how to do an anchor:
<A HREF="">Cool Dude</A>

gives us

Here's how to do an anchor:

<A href="">Cool Dude</A>

Notice in the code that we did not need to use character codes for > and <. For this reason <XMP> used to be popular for creating HTML pages that were about HTML. Unfortunately, <XMP> breaks some important rules of SGML (the parent language of HTML) and so is unpopular among browser creators. If you need to write about HTML, use <PRE ...> and <CODE> and use &lt; for < and &gt; for >. The example above can be expressed like this:

Here's how to do an anchor:

&#60;A HREF=""&#62;Cool Dude&#60;/A&#62;

which gives us

Here's how to do an anchor:

<A href="">Cool Dude</A>

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