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Thinking in C++
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Depth & dark corners

These books go more deeply into language topics, and help you avoid the typical pitfalls inherent in developing C++ programs.

Effective C++ (2nd Edition, Addison-Wesley 1998) and More Effective C++ (Addison-Wesley 1996), by Scott Meyers. The classic, must-have texts for serious problem-solving and code design in C++. I’ve tried to capture and express many of the concepts from these books in Thinking in C++, but I don’t fool myself in thinking that I’ve succeeded. If you spend any serious time with C++ you’ll end up with these books. Also available on CD ROM.

Ruminations on C++, by Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo (Addison-Wesley, 1996). Andrew worked directly with Stroustrup on many aspects of the C++ language and is an extremely reliable authority. I’ve also found the incisiveness of his insights to be refreshing, and have learned much from him, both in print and in person, over the years.

Large-Scale C++ Software Design, by John Lakos (Addison-Wesley, 1996). Covers issues and answers questions you will encounter during the creation of big projects, but often smaller ones as well.

C++ Gems, Stan Lippman, editor (SIGS publications, 1996). A selection of articles from The C++ Report.

The Design & Evolution of C++, by Bjarne Stroustrup (Addison-Wesley 1994). Insights from the inventor of C++ about why he made various design decisions. Not essential, but interesting.

Thinking in C++
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