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Ruby Programming
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One of the major features of Open Source projects is the technical support. Articles in the mass media often criticize open source efforts for not having the same tech support that a commercial product has. And boy is that a good thing! Instead of dialing up some overworked and understaffed help desk and being treated to Music On Hold for an hour or so without ever getting the answer you need, we have a better solution: the Ruby community. The author of Ruby, the authors of this book, and many other Ruby users are willing and able to lend you a hand, should you need it.

The syntax of Ruby remains fairly stable, but as with all evolving software, new features are added every now and again. As a result, both printed books and the online documentation can fall behind. All software has bugs, and Ruby is no exception. There aren't many, but they do crop up. See the bug reporting section on page 527 for details.

If you experience a problem with Ruby, feel free to ask in the mailing lists or on the newsgroup (more on those in just a minute). Generally you'll get timely answers from Matz himself, the author of the language, from other gurus, and from those who've solved problems similar to your own.

There might be similar questions in the mailing lists or on the newsgroup, and it is good ``netiquette'' to read through recent postings before asking. If you can't find the answer you need, ask, and a correct answer will usually show up with remarkable speed and precision.
Ruby Programming
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