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Ruby Programming
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class Exception
Parent: Object
Version: 1.6


exception backtrace exception message set_backtrace

Descendents of class Exception are used to communicate between raise methods and rescue statements in begin/end blocks. Exception objects carry information about the exception---its type (the exception's class name), an optional descriptive string, and optional traceback information.

class methods
exception Exception.exception( [ aString ] ) -> anException

Creates and returns a new exception object, optionally setting the message to aString.

instance methods
backtrace exc.backtrace -> anArray

Returns any backtrace associated with the exception. The backtrace is an array of strings, each containing either ``filename:lineNo: in `method''' or ``filename:lineNo.''

def a
  raise "boom"

def b   a() end

begin   b() rescue => detail   print detail.backtrace.join("\n") end
prog.rb:2:in `a'
prog.rb:6:in `b'

exception exc.exception( [ aString ] ) -> anException or exc

With no argument, returns the receiver. Otherwise, creates a new exception object of the same class as the receiver, but with a different message.

message exc.message -> aString

Returns the message associated with this exception.

set_backtrace exc.set_backtrace( anArray ) -> anArray

Sets the backtrace information associated with exc. The argument must be an array of String objects in the format described in Exception#backtrace .

Ruby Programming
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