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Ruby Programming
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Performance Considerations

As we've seen in this section, there are several ways to invoke an arbitrary method of some object: Object#send , Method#call , and the various flavors of eval.

You may prefer to use any one of these techniques depending on your needs, but be aware that eval is significantly slower than the others (or, for optimistic readers, send and call are significantly faster than eval).

require "benchmark"   # from the Ruby Application Archive
include Benchmark

test = "Stormy Weather" m = test.method(:length) n = 100000

bm(12) {|x|"call") { n.times { } }"send") { n.times { test.send(:length) } }"eval") { n.times { eval "test.length" } } }
                  user     system      total        real
call          0.220000   0.000000   0.220000 (  0.214065)
send          0.210000   0.000000   0.210000 (  0.217070)
eval          2.540000   0.000000   2.540000 (  2.518311)
Ruby Programming
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