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Ruby Programming
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Embedding a Ruby Interpreter

In addition to extending Ruby by adding C code, you can also turn the problem around and embed Ruby itself within your application. Here's an example.

#include "ruby.h"

main() {   /* ... our own application stuff ... */   ruby_init();   ruby_script("embedded");   rb_load_file("start.rb");   while (1) {     if (need_to_do_ruby) {       ruby_run();     }     /* ... run our app stuff */   } }

To initialize the Ruby interpreter, you need to call ruby_init(). But on some platforms, you may need to take special steps before that:

#if defined(NT)
  NtInitialize(&argc, &argv);
#if defined(__MACOS__) && defined(__MWERKS__)
  argc = ccommand(&argv);

See main.c in the Ruby distribution for any other special defines or setup needed for your platform.

Embedded Ruby API
void� ruby_init(")
Sets up and initializes the interpreter. This function should be called before any other Ruby-related functions.
void� ruby_options(int argc, char **argv")
Gives the Ruby interpreter the command-line options.
void� ruby_script(char *name")
Sets the name of the Ruby script (and $0) to name.
void� rb_load_file(char *file")
Loads the given file into the interpreter.
void� ruby_run(")
Runs the interpreter.

You need to take some special care with exception handling; any Ruby calls you make at this top level should be protected to catch exceptions and handle them cleanly. rb_protect, rb_rescue, and related functions are documented on page 192.

For an example of embedding a Ruby interpreter within another program, see also eruby, which is described beginning on page 147.
Ruby Programming
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