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Thinking in C++ Vol 2 - Practical Programming
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Volume 2 of this book languished in a half-completed state for a long time while Bruce got distracted with other things, notably Java, Design Patterns and especially Python (see If Chuck hadn t been willing (foolishly, he has sometimes thought) to finish the other half and bring things up-to-date, this book almost certainly wouldn t have happened. There aren t that many people whom Bruce would have felt comfortable entrusting this book to. Chuck s penchant for precision, correctness and clear explanation is what has made this book as good as it is.

Jamie King acted as an intern under Chuck s direction during the completion of this book. He was an essential part of making sure the book got finished, not only by providing feedback for Chuck, but especially because of his relentless questioning and picking of every single possible nit that he didn t completely understand. If your questions are answered by this book, it s probably because Jamie asked them first. Jamie also enhanced a number of the sample programs and created many of the exercises at the end of each chapter. Scott Baker, another of Chuck s interns funded by MindView, Inc., helped with the exercises for Chapter 3.

Eric Crahen of IBM was instrumental in the completion of Chapter 11 (Concurrency). When we were looking for a threads package, we sought out one that was intuitive and easy to use, while being sufficiently robust to do the job. With Eric we got that and then some he was extremely cooperative and has used our feedback to enhance his library, while we have benefited from his insights as well.

We are grateful to Pete Becker for being our technical editor. Few people are as articulate and discriminating as Pete, not to mention as expert in C++ and software development in general. We also thank Bjorn Karlsson for his gracious and timely technical assistance as he reviewed the entire manuscript with short notice.

Walter Bright made Herculean efforts to make sure that his Digital Mars C++ compiler would compile the examples in this book. He makes the compiler available for free downloads at Thanks, Walter!

The ideas and understanding in this book have come from many other sources, as well: friends like Andrea Provaglio, Dan Saks, Scott Meyers, Charles Petzold, and Michael Wilk; pioneers of the language like Bjarne Stroustrup, Andrew Koenig, and Rob Murray; members of the C++ Standards Committee like Nathan Myers (who was particularly helpful and generous with his insights), Herb Sutter, PJ Plauger, Kevlin Henney, David Abrahams, Tom Plum, Reg Charney, Tom Penello, Sam Druker, Uwe Steinmueller, John Spicer, Steve Adamczyk, and Daveed Vandevoorde; people who have spoken in the C++ track at the Software Development Conference (which Bruce created and developed, and Chuck spoke in); Colleagues of Chuck like Michael Seaver, Huston Franklin, David Wagstaff, and often students in seminars, who ask the questions we need to hear to make the material clearer.

The book design, typeface selection, cover design, and cover photo were created by Bruce s friend Daniel Will-Harris, noted author and designer, who used to play with rub-on letters in junior high school while he awaited the invention of computers and desktop publishing. However, we produced the camera-ready pages ourselves, so the typesetting errors are ours. Microsoft Word XP was used to write the book and to create camera-ready pages. The body typeface is Verdana and the headlines are in Verdana. The code type face is Courier New.

We also wish to thank the generous professionals at the Edison Design Group and Dinkumware, Ltd., for giving us complimentary copies of their compiler and library (respectively). Without their expert assistance, graciously given, some of the examples in this book could not have been tested. We also wish to thank Howard Hinnant and the folks at Metrowerks for a copy of their compiler, and Sandy Smith and the folks at SlickEdit for keeping Chuck supplied with a world-class editing environment for so many years. Greg Comeau also provided a copy of his successful EDG-based compiler, Comeau C++.

A special thanks to all our teachers, and all our students (who are our teachers as well).

Evan Cofsky ([email protected]) provided all sorts of assistance on the server as well as development of programs in his now-favorite language, Python. Sharlynn Cobaugh and Paula Steuer were instrumental assistants, preventing Bruce from being washed away in a flood of projects.

Bruce s sweetie Dawn McGee provided much-appreciated inspiration and enthusiasm during this project. The supporting cast of friends includes, but is not limited to: Mark Western, Gen Kiyooka, Kraig Brockschmidt, Zack Urlocker, Andrew Binstock, Neil Rubenking, Steve Sinofsky, JD Hildebrandt, Brian McElhinney, Brinkley Barr, Bill Gates at Midnight Engineering Magazine, Larry Constantine & Lucy Lockwood, Tom Keffer, Greg Perry, Dan Putterman, Christi Westphal, Gene Wang, Dave Mayer, David Intersimone, Claire Sawyers, The Italians (Andrea Provaglio, Laura Fallai, Marco Cantu, Corrado, Ilsa and Christina Giustozzi), Chris & Laura Strand, The Almquists, Brad Jerbic, John Kruth & Marilyn Cvitanic, Holly Payne (yes, the famous novelist!), Mark Mabry, The Robbins Families, The Moelter Families (& the McMillans), The Wilks, Dave Stoner, Laurie Adams, The Cranstons, Larry Fogg, Mike & Karen Sequeira, Gary Entsminger & Allison Brody, Chester Andersen, Joe Lordi, Dave & Brenda Bartlett, The Rentschlers, The Sudeks, Lynn & Todd, and their families. And of course, Mom & Dad, Sandy, James & Natalie, Kim& Jared, Isaac, and Abbi.


Thinking in C++ Vol 2 - Practical Programming
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   Reproduced courtesy of Bruce Eckel, MindView, Inc. Design by Interspire