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openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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6.2 Monitoring Print Jobs in KDE

Start KJobViewer from the main menu or with kjobviewer from the command line. A window like that in Figure 6-2 opens, listing all the print jobs queued on your printer. As long as your print job is not active, you can edit it. Do this using the entries of the Jobs menu.

Figure 6-2 Monitoring Print Jobs with KJobViewer

If, for example, you want to check if you sent the correct document to the printer, you can stop the job and resume it if you decide to print it. Remove your own print jobs from the queue with Remove. To change the printer, select a different printer with Move to Printer.

With Restart, reprint a document. To do this, select Filter > Toggle Completed Jobs, select the desired document, and click Jobs > Restart. Clicking Jobs > Job IPP Report shows the technical details of a job. Use Jobs > Increase Priority and Jobs > Decrease Priority to set the priority, depending on how quickly you need the document.

Filter enables you to switch between various printers, toggle completed jobs, and limit the view to your own print jobs by selecting Show Only User Jobs. The current user is then displayed in the top right field.

Settings > Configure KJobViewer opens a configuration dialog. Here, determine the maximum number of print jobs to display. Enter a number in the field or use the slider to the right to determine a value. Press OK to save the setting or Cancel to exit the dialog without saving.

The icons in the toolbar correspond to the functions you can access by way of the menu. Display a help text explaining the function by holding the mouse pointer over one of the icons.

The job list consists of eight columns. The job ID is automatically assigned by the print system to identify the various jobs. The next column contains the login of the user who sent the job followed by the filename of the document. The status column indicates whether a job is still in the queue, currently being printed, or already completed. Next, the size of the document is displayed in kilobytes and number of pages. The default priority of 50 can be increased or reduced if necessary. Billing information can be cost centers or other company-specific information. If you right-click a job in the list, the Jobs menu opens under the mouse pointer, allowing you to select an action. Only a few functions are available for completed jobs. If you activate Keep window permanent, KJobViewer opens automatically the next time you log in.

openSUSE 11.1 Reference Guide
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