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AppArmor Admin Guide
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2.2 #include Statements

#include statements are directives that pull in components of other Novell AppArmor profiles to simplify profiles. Include files fetch access permissions for programs. By using an include, you can give the program access to directory paths or files that are also required by other programs. Using includes can reduce the size of a profile.

By default, AppArmor adds /etc/apparmor.d to the path in the #include statement. AppArmor expects the include files to be located in /etc/apparmor.d. Unlike other profile statements (but similar to C programs), #include lines do not end with a comma.

To assist you in profiling your applications, Novell AppArmor provides two classes of #includes: abstractions and program chunks.

2.2.1 Abstractions

Abstractions are #includes that are grouped by common application tasks. These tasks include access to authentication mechanisms, access to name service routines, common graphics requirements, and system accounting. Files listed in these abstractions are specific to the named task. Programs that require one of these files usually require some of the other files listed in the abstraction file (depending on the local configuration as well as the specific requirements of the program). Find abstractions in /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions.

2.2.2 Program Chunks

The program-chunks directory (/etc/apparmor.d/program-chunks) contains some chunks of profiles that are specific to program suites and not generally useful outside of the suite, thus are never suggested for use in profiles by the profile wizards (aa-logprof and aa-genprof). Currently program chunks are only available for the postfix program suite.

AppArmor Admin Guide
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