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Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration
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Security Text on Banner and Trailer Pages

By default, both a banner and a trailer page are automatically created for each print job. The banner and trailer pages contain label-related text and other guidelines for protecting printer output.

The fields and the text that are printed on the banner page are shown in Figure 4-2. The callouts show the names of the labels and the strings that appear by default.

All the text and the labels and text on banner and trailer pages are configurable.

Figure 4-2 Typical Print Job Banner Page
Illustration shows location of protect as classification, job number, protect as compartments, and handling instructions on a typical banner page.

The differences on the trailer page are shown in Figure 4-3. A thick black line is used as a frame on the trailer page, instead of the thicker gray frame on the banner page. The page type identifier on a trailer page is JOB END.

Figure 4-3 Differences on Trailer Pages
Illustration shows location of JOB END page type identifier.

The parts of banner and trailer pages that the Security Administrator role can configure are described in the following sections:

In addition, the Security Administrator role can make the following changes in a print configuration file that is called in the /usr/lib/lp/postscript library:

  • Localize (translate) the text on the banner and trailer pages

  • Specify alternates to default labels printed at the top and bottom of body pages

  • Change or omit any of the text or labels

To customize the configuration file, see the comments in the file in the /usr/lib/lp/postscript directory. For further detail, see Chapter 21, Managing Labeled Printing (Tasks), in Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator’s Procedures.

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