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Solaris Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide
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Label APIs

The label APIs are introduced in Chapter 2, Labels and Clearances. Sample code is provided in Chapter 3, Label Code Examples. A fully described example is provided in Chapter 4, Printing and the Label APIs.

The following lists the types of label-related APIs and shows the prototype declarations of the routines and system calls for each type:

  • Accessing the label_encodings file

    • m_label_t *m_label_alloc(const m_label_type_t label_type);

    • int m_label_dup(m_label_t **dst, const m_label_t *src);

    • void m_label_free(m_label_t *label);

    • int label_to_str(const m_label_t *label, char **string, const m_label_str_t conversion_type, uint_t flags);

  • Comparing level relationships

    • int blequal(const m_label_t *level1, const m_label_t *level2);

    • int bldominates(const m_label_t *level1, const m_label_t *level2);

    • int blstrictdom(const m_label_t *level1, const m_label_t *level2);

    • int blinrange(const m_label_t *level, const brange_t *range);

    • void blmaximum(m_label_t *maximum_label, const m_label_t *bounding_label);

    • void blminimum(m_label_t *minimum_label, const m_label_t *bounding_label);

  • Accessing label ranges

    • m_range_t *getuserrange(const char *username);

    • blrange_t *getdevicerange(const char *device);

  • Accessing labels in zones

    • char *getpathbylabel(const char *path, char *resolved_path, size_t bufsize, const m_label_t *sl);

    • m_label_t *getzonelabelbyid(zoneid_t zoneid);

    • m_label_t *getzonelabelbyname(const char *zonename);

    • zoneid_t *getzoneidbylabel(const m_label_t *label);

    • char *getzonerootbyid(zoneid_t zoneid);

    • char *getzonerootbylabel(const m_label_t *label);

    • char *getzonerootbyname(const char *zonename);

  • Obtaining the remote host type

    • tsol_host_type_t tsol_getrhtype(char *hostname);

  • Accessing and modifying sensitivity labels

    • int fgetlabel(int fd, m_label_t *label_p);

    • int getlabel(const char *path, m_label_t *label_p);

    • int setflabel(const char *path, const m_label_t *label_p);

    • int getplabel(m_label_t *label_p);

    • int label_to_str(const m_label_t *label, char **string, const m_label_str_t conversion_type, uint_t flags);

    • int str_to_label(const char *string, m_label_t **label, const m_label_type_t label_type, uint_t flags, int *error);

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