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System Administration Guide: Network Services
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Administering the FTP Server (Task Map)

Table 28-1 Task Map: Administering the FTP Server



For Instructions

Configure access to the FTP server

Use the ftpaccess, ftpusers, and the ftphosts files in the /etc/ftpd directory to establish or restrict access to the FTP server.

How to Set User Login Limits

How to Control the Number of Invalid Login Attempts

How to Disallow FTP Server Access to Particular Users

How to Restrict Access to the Default FTP Server

How to Define FTP Server Classes

Set up FTP server logins

Establish login accounts for real, guest and anonymous users.

How to Set Up Real FTP Users

How to Set Up Guest FTP Users

How to Set Up Anonymous FTP Users

How to Create the /etc/shells file

Customize message files

Edit the /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess file to configure the FTP server to return messages to the FTP client related to specific events.

How to Customize Message Files

How to Create Messages to Be Sent to Users

How to Configure the README Option

Configure access to files on the FTP server

Use the /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess file to specify classes of users who are allowed to execute certain commands or to download and upload files to the FTP server.

How to Configure DA Discovery for Dial-up Networks

Controlling Uploads and Downloads on the FTP Server

Enable limited or complete virtual hosting

Use the /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess file to configure the FTP server to support multiple domains on the same machine.

How to Enable Limited Virtual Hosting

How to Enable Complete Virtual Hosting

Start the FTP server

Change the service properties to start the FTP server in nowait, standalone mode or foreground mode.

How to Start an FTP Server Using SMF

How to Start a Standalone FTP Server in the Background

How to Start a Standalone FTP Server in the Foreground

Shut down the FTP server

Use the /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess file and run the ftpshut to shut down the FTP server.

Shutting Down the FTP Server

Troubleshoot some common FTP server problems

Check syslogd and use greeting text and log commands to debug problems on the FTP server.

How to Check syslogd for FTP Server Messages

How to Use greeting text to Verify ftpaccess

How to Check the Commands Executed by FTP Users

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