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Solaris Modular Debugger Guide
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Loopback File System Debugging Support
::lnode, dcmds
Loopback File System Debugging Support (lofs)
::lnode2dev, dcmds
::lnode2rdev, dcmds
lnode, Walkers


macro file, definition, Building Blocks
The bufctl Pointer
Finding Memory Leaks
kmem_cache, Kernel Memory Caches
mdb_add_walker(), mdb_add_walker()
mdb_alloc(), mdb_alloc(), mdb_zalloc() and mdb_free()
MDB_API_VERSION, _mdb_init()
mdb_bitmask_t, Format Specifiers
mdb_call_dcmd(), mdb_call_dcmd()
mdb_dcmd_t, Dcmd Definitions
mdb_dec_indent(), mdb_inc_indent() and mdb_dec_indent()
MDB_DUMP_ALIGN, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_ASCII, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_ENDIAN, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_GROUP, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_HEADER, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_NEWDOT, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_PEDANT, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_RELATIVE, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_SQUISH, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_TRIM, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
MDB_DUMP_WIDTH, mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
mdb_dump64(), mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
mdb_dumpptr(), mdb_dumpptr() and mdb_dump64()
mdb_eval(), mdb_eval()
_mdb_fini(), _mdb_fini()
mdb_flush(), mdb_flush()
mdb_fread(), mdb_fread() and mdb_fwrite()
mdb_free(), mdb_alloc(), mdb_zalloc() and mdb_free()
mdb_fwrite(), mdb_fread() and mdb_fwrite()
mdb_get_dot(), mdb_set_dot() and mdb_get_dot()
mdb_get_pipe(), mdb_get_pipe()
mdb_get_xdata(), mdb_get_xdata()
mdb_getopts(), mdb_getopts()
mdb_inc_indent(), mdb_inc_indent() and mdb_dec_indent()
_mdb_init(), _mdb_init()
mdb_inval_bits(), mdb_inval_bits()
mdb_layered_walk(), mdb_layered_walk()
mdb_lookup_by_addr(), mdb_lookup_by_addr()
mdb_lookup_by_name(), mdb_lookup_by_name() and mdb_lookup_by_obj()
mdb_lookup_by_obj(), mdb_lookup_by_name() and mdb_lookup_by_obj()
mdb_modinfo_t, _mdb_init()
mdb_nhconvert(), mdb_nhconvert()
MDB_OBJ_EVERY, mdb_lookup_by_name() and mdb_lookup_by_obj()
MDB_OBJ_EXEC, mdb_lookup_by_name() and mdb_lookup_by_obj()
MDB_OBJ_RTLD, mdb_lookup_by_name() and mdb_lookup_by_obj()
mdb_one_bit(), mdb_one_bit()
MDB_OPT_CLRBITS, mdb_getopts()
MDB_OPT_SETBITS, mdb_getopts()
MDB_OPT_STR, mdb_getopts()
MDB_OPT_UINT64, mdb_getopts()
MDB_OPT_UINTPTR, mdb_getopts()
mdb_pread(), mdb_pread() and mdb_pwrite()
mdb_printf(), mdb_printf()
mdb_pwalk(), mdb_pwalk()
mdb_pwalk_dcmd(), mdb_pwalk_dcmd()
mdb_pwrite(), mdb_pread() and mdb_pwrite()
mdb_readstr(), mdb_readstr()
mdb_readsym(), mdb_readsym()
mdb_readvar(), mdb_readvar() and mdb_writevar()
mdb_remove_walker(), mdb_remove_walker()
mdb_set_dot(), mdb_set_dot() and mdb_get_dot()
mdb_snprintf(), mdb_snprintf()
mdb_strtoull(), mdb_strtoull()
MDB_SYM_EXACT, mdb_lookup_by_addr()
MDB_SYM_FUZZY, mdb_lookup_by_addr()
mdb_vread(), mdb_vread() and mdb_vwrite()
mdb_vwrite(), mdb_vread() and mdb_vwrite()
mdb_walk(), mdb_walk()
mdb_walk_dcmd(), mdb_walk_dcmd()
mdb_walk_state_t, Walker Definitions
mdb_walker_t, Walker Definitions
mdb_warn(), mdb_warn()
mdb_writestr(), mdb_writestr()
mdb_writesym(), mdb_writesym()
mdb_writevar(), mdb_readvar() and mdb_writevar()
mdb_zalloc(), mdb_alloc(), mdb_zalloc() and mdb_free()
.mdbrc, Summary of Command-line Options
memory corruption, Detecting Memory Corruption
metacharacter, definition, Syntax
dcmds, Syntax
quoting, Quoting


::mi, dcmds
::netstat, dcmds
::sonode, dcmds
::tcpb, dcmds
ar, Walkers
icmp, Walkers
ill, Walkers
ipc, Walkers
mi, Walkers
sonode, Walkers
tcpb, Walkers
udp, Walkers
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