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Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
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Troubleshooting Solaris Volume Manager (Task Map)

The following task map identifies some procedures that are needed to troubleshoot Solaris Volume Manager.



For Instructions

Replace a failed disk

Replace a disk, then update state database replicas and logical volumes on the new disk.

How to Replace a Failed Disk

Recover from disk movement problems

Restore disks to original locations or contact product support.

Recovering From Disk Movement Problems

Recover from improper /etc/vfstab entries

Use the fsck command on the mirror, then edit the /etc/vfstab file so that the system boots correctly.

How to Recover From Improper /etc/vfstab Entries

Recover from a boot device failure

Boot from a different submirror.

How to Recover From a Boot Device Failure

Recover from insufficient state database replicas

Delete unavailable replicas by using the metadb command.

How to Recover From Insufficient State Database Replicas

Recover configuration data for a lost soft partition

Use the metarecover command to recover configuration data for a soft partition.

How to Recover Configuration Data for a Soft Partition

Recover a Solaris Volume Manager configuration from salvaged disks

Attach disks to a new system and have Solaris Volume Manager rebuild the configuration from the existing state database replicas.

How to Recover Storage From a Local Disk Set

Recover storage from a different system

Import storage from known disk sets to a different system.

Recovering Storage From a Different System

Purge an inaccessible disk set.

Use the metaset command to purge knowledge of a disk set that you cannot take or use.

Recovering From Disk Set Problems

Recover a system configuration stored on Solaris Volume Manager volumes.

Use Solaris OS installation media to recover a system configuration stored on Solaris Volume Manager volumes.

Performing System Recovery

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