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Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
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What's New in Disk Sets

This section describes new disk set features in this Solaris release.

For a complete listing of new Solaris features and a description of Solaris releases, see What’s New in Solaris Express.

Enhanced Output With the metaimport Command

Solaris Express 6/06: The metaimport command has been enhanced to allow you to import partial disk sets. A partial disk set is a disk set that has at least one disk that is not available. With this enhancement, a partial disk set can still be imported provided one disk with a metadb is present in the set.

This new functionality is associated with enhancements in the metaimport -r command. The command's output now includes the following information:

Time stamp

The time the disk set is created is displayed.

Unavailable disks

If a disk has become unresponsive or might have been removed from the system, the disk is labeled unavailable.

Disk conflicts

If a disk is listed as belonging to more than one disk set, the disk is marked as in conflict.

Import recommendation

If disk conflicts exist, metaimport recommends which disk set to import with the disk in conflict.

The information generated by metaimport -r helps reduce the risk of data corruption when importing disk sets. In cases of disk conflicts, metaimport imports only the most recent disk set that is created with the disk in conflict. If a user imports a disk set with time conflicts contrary to the recommendation, the attempt is blocked.

The metaimport -rv command now contains more information in the output. This information allows the user to see the basic structure of the volumes that are available for import.

Finally, you can import the recommended partial disk set by using the following syntax:

metaimport -s setname -f diskname

For examples of the output of the metaimport -r and metaimport -rv commands, see How to Print a Report on Disk Sets Available for Import.

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