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OpenSolaris 2008.11 Image Packaging System Guide
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Repositories That Require Keys and Certificates (Overview)

Some repositories require that you obtain keys and certificates for access to packages. Table 4-1 describes those repositories.

Repositories either publish a complete catalog of packages for a complete installation of an operating system or publish a small set of packages for specific purposes. The following repositories contain a small set of packages that rely on a preferred authority that can provide the bulk of the operating system content. A preferred authority has a sufficiently complete catalog to enable an installation of the operating system.

Table 4-1 Repository Descriptions



Requires Support Contract?

Preferred Authority release

This repository contains the package versions at the time of the operating system release and contains only those newer versions of packages required to address severe defects or security fixes in the released product. When you obtain access to the /release repository, you also obtain access to the /extra repository.

No support contract required /opensolaris/support

This repository is regularly updated with newer versions of the packages, based on the discovery and remedy of defects in the released product. This repository requires a support contract and an SSL certificate for access. You also can obtain access to the /extra repository.

Requires a support contract, which provides a Sun Online Account opensolaris/extra

This repository contains software made available under end-user license terms that does not allow further distribution. This repository requires a key and certificate that you acquired for either the /release or /support repositories.

Does not require a support contract, but you are required to accept specific license terms

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