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OpenOffice Writer User Guide
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Using fields instead of outline numbering for chapter numbers

The technique in “Using fields in headers and footers†on page 351, combined with outline-numbered chapter headings (described in Chapter 7, “Working with Stylesâ€), works well when you want the field to show information for the current chapter. But what if you want to use a cross-reference to refer to a different chapter? You cannot bookmark or set a reference to the chapter number part of a heading created using outline numbering.


If you use this technique, some other features will not work because Writer does not recognize the field as chapter numbers. For example, you will not be able to include chapter numbers with the page numbers in headers or footers, or the table of contents, using the technique described in “Using fields in headers and footers†on page 351.

To have chapter numbers that update automatically and can be used in cross-referencing, use a number range field.

  1. Define your number range variable, as described in “Defining your own numbering sequences†on page 345. I have called this variable Chapter.

  2. To insert the field into your Heading 1, type Chapter<space>. Click Insert > Fields > Other. On the Variables tab, pick Number range, Chapter, Arabic (1 2 3). Click Insert. You will need to do this manually for each Heading 1.

  3. Select the entire text of the first Heading 1, including the word “Chapter†and the chapter number, and set a reference to it.

  4. You can now insert a cross-reference to this heading anywhere in your document.


You can also use this technique for easier management of appendix numbering. Keep your appendix headings in the Heading 1 style, define a separate number range sequence for appendix numbers (choosing “A,B,C†for the number format), and type Appendix<space><insert appendix number field> in the Heading 1 paragraph. You can then use the same page styles for chapters and appendixes, and the same field in the header or footer of chapters and appendixes.

OpenOffice Writer User Guide
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