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OpenOffice Writer User Guide
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E-mailing Writer documents

OOo provides several ways to quickly and easily send a Writer document as an e-mail attachment in one of three formats: .ODT (OpenDocument Text, OOo’s default format), .DOC (Microsoft Word format), or PDF.

To send the current document in .ODT format.

  1. Choose File > Send > Document as E-mail. opens the e-mail program specified in Tools > Options > Internet > E-mail. The document is attached.

  2. In your e-mail program, enter the recipient, subject and any text you want to add, then send the e-mail.

File > Send > E-mail as OpenDocument Text has the same effect.

If you choose E-mail as Microsoft Word, OOo first creates a .DOC file and then opens your e-mail program with the .DOC file attached. Similarly, if you choose E-mail as PDF, OOo first creates a PDF using your default PDF settings (as when using the Export Directly as PDF toolbar button) and then opens your email program with the .PDF file attached.

E-mailing a document to several recipients

To e-mail a document to several recipients, you can use the features in your e-mail program or you can use OOo’s mail merge facilities to extract email addresses from an address book.

You can use OOo’s mail merge to send e-mail in two ways:

  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard to create the document and send it. See Chapter 11, “Using Mail Merge†for details.

  • Create the document in Writer without using the Wizard, then use the Wizard to send it. This method is described here.

To use the Mail Merge Wizard to send a Writer document:

  1. Click Tools > Mail Merge Wizard. On the first page of the wizard (Figure 147), select Use the current document and click Next.


  1. On the next page (Figure 148), select E-mail message and click Next.


  1. On the next page (Figure 149), click Select Address List. Select the required address list (even if only one is shown) and then click OK. (If the address list you need is not shown here, you can click Add to find and add it to the list.)


  1. Back on the Select address list page, click Next. On the Create salutation page (Figure 150), deselect the checkbox by This document should contain a salutation.


  1. In the left-hand list, click 8 Save, print or send. OOo displays a “Creating documents†message and then displays the Save, print or send page of the Wizard.

  2. Select Send merged document as E-Mail. The lower part of the page changes to show e-mail settings choices (see Figure 151).

  3. Type a subject for your email and click Send documents. OOo sends the e-mails.


OpenOffice Writer User Guide
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