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OpenOffice Calc User Guide
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Cell error


Explanation of the error



The column is too narrow to display the complete formatted contents of the cell. This is not really an error value, so there is no corresponding numerical error code. The solutions to this problem are to increase the width of the column. or select Format > Cells > Alignment and click either Wrap text automatically or Shrink to fit cell size to make the text match the current column width.



This error occurs if more than one matching cell is found by the DGET function.



The formula within the cell returns a value that does not correspond to the definition of the formula or functions used. This error could also mean that the cell referenced by the formula contains text instead of a number.



The formula within the cell uses a reference that does not exist. Either a column or row description name could not be resolved, or the column, row, or sheet that contains a referenced cell is missing.



An identifier could not be evaluated: no valid reference, no valid domain name, no column/row label, no macro, incorrect decimal divider, add-in not found. For example, entering in a cell =sum(bob*5) where there is no cell named “bob†or containing the text “bob†generates this error.

OpenOffice Calc User Guide
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