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OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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Operation Command Display
Round Brackets(a)(a)
Square Brackets[b][b]
Double Square Bracketsldbracket c rdbracket
Single linelline a rline
Double lineldline a rdline
Braceslbrace w rbrace{w}
Bracesleft lbrace stack{0, n <> 0 # 1, n = 1} right none Image:lbrace.png
Angle Bracketslangle d rangle
Operator Bracketslangle a mline b rangle
Group brackets (used for program control){a}
Scalable round brackets (add the word "left" before a left bracket and "right" before a right bracket)left ( stack{a # b # z} right )
Square brackets scalable
(as above)
left [ stack{ x # y} right ]
Double square brackets scalableleft ldbracket c right rdbracket
Line scalableleft lline a right rline
Double line scalableleft ldline d right rdline
Brace scalableleft lbrace e right rbrace
Angle bracket scalableleft langle f right rangle
Operator brackets scalableleft langle g mline h right rangle
Over brace scalable{The brace is above} overbrace a
Under brace scalable{the brace is below}underbrace {f}

OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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