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OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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Form Control toolbar

Image:SelectIcon.png Select Select a form control to perform some other action on it.
Image:FormDesignOffIcon.png Design mode on/off Toggle between design mode on (to edit forms) and design mode off (to use forms).
Image:FormControlIcon.png Control Launch form control properties dialog box. This dialog box can be kept open as different controls are selected.
Image:FormIcon.png Form Launch form properties dialog box, controlling properties for the form as a whole, such as which data source it connects to.
Image:FormCheckbox.png Check Box A box that can be selected or deselected on the form. You can label the box.
Image:FormTextbox.png Text Box Control to create a box into which the form user can type any text.
Image:FormattedField.png Formatted Field Control allowing numeric formatting options. For example, you can set maximum and minimum values for the number entered, or the number type (decimal places, scientific, currency).
Image:FormPushbutton.png Push Button Creates a button that can be linked to a macro. The label is the name that appears on the button.
Image:FormOptionButton.png Option Button Creates an option or radio button. When multiple buttons are grouped together, only one can be selected at a time. The easiest way to group multiple buttons is to use the Group Box button on the More Controls toolbar, with wizards enabled.
Image:FormListbox.png List Box Creates a list of options, as a pull-down menu, that the user can choose from. If wizards are on, creating a list box launches the List Box Wizard. This wizard is only useful if your form is linked to a data source.

If not linked to a data source, turn wizards off and create an empty list box. Then click the Control button and, in the List Entries option on the General tab, enter the options you want to appear on the list.

Image:FormCombobox.png Combo Box As with a List Box, you set up a list of choices. In addition a panel at the top either displays the choice made or allows the form user to type in something else. Otherwise this works the same as the List Box.
Image:FormLabelField.png Label Field A text label. The difference between this and just typing on the page is that, as a control, you can link a label field to macros so, for example, something happens when the mouse passes over it or clicks on it.
Image:FormMoreControls.png More Controls Launch the More Controls toolbar.
Image:FormDesign.png Form Design Launch the Form Design toolbar (which can also be opened with View > Toolbars > Form Design).
Image:FormWizardsIcon.png Wizards On/Off Some form controls (List Box and Combo Box) have optional wizards. If you do not want the wizard to launch when you create one of these controls, use the Wizards On/Off button to switch wizards off.

OpenOffice Writer 3.x Guide
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