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Using Samba
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2.3.1 Final Installation Steps

There are a couple of final steps to perform. Specifically, add the Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) to the /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf configuration files. SWAT runs as a daemon under inetd and provides a forms-based editor in your web browser for creating and modifying SMB configuration files.

  1. To add SWAT, add the following line to the end of the /etc/services file:

swat   901/tcp
  1. Add these lines to /etc/inetd.conf. (Check your inetd.conf manual page to see the exact format of the inetd.conf file if it differs from the following example.) Don't forget to change the path to the SWAT binary if you installed it in a different location from the default /usr/local/samba.

swat   stream  tcp  nowait.400  root  /usr/local/samba/bin/swat  swat

And that's pretty much it for the installation. Before you can start up Samba, however, you need to create a configuration file for it.

Using Samba
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