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Samba HowTo Guide
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Sources of CUPS Drivers/PPDs

On the Internet you can now find many thousands of CUPS-PPD files (with their companion filters), in many national languages supporting more than 1,000 non-PostScript models.

  • ESP PrintPro (commercial, non-free) is packaged with more than 3,000 PPDs, ready for successful use “out of the box” on Linux, Mac OS X, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Sun-Solaris, SGI-IRIX, Compaq Tru64, Digital UNIX, and other commercial Unices (it is written by the CUPS developers themselves and its sales help finance the further development of CUPS, as they feed their creators).

  • The Gimp-Print Project (GPL, free software) provides around 140 PPDs (supporting nearly 400 printers, many driven to photo quality output), to be used alongside the Gimp-Print CUPS filters.

  • TurboPrint (shareware, non-free) supports roughly the same number of printers in excellent quality.

  • OMNI (LPGL, free) is a package made by IBM, now containing support for more than 400 printers, stemming from the inheritance of IBM OS/2 know-how ported over to Linux (CUPS support is in a beta stage at present).

  • HPIJS (BSD-style licenses, free) supports approximately 150 of HP's own printers and also provides excellent print quality now (currently available only via the Foomatic path).

  • Foomatic/cupsomatic (LPGL, free) from provide PPDs for practically every Ghostscript filter known to the world (including Omni, Gimp-Print, and HPIJS).

Samba HowTo Guide
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