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Samba HowTo Guide
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NT4-Style Domain Trusts with Windows 2000

Although Domain User Manager is not present in Windows 2000, it is also possible to establish an NT4-style trust relationship with a Windows 2000 domain controller running in mixed mode as the trusting server. It should also be possible for Samba to trust a Windows 2000 server; however, more testing is still needed in this area.

After creating the interdomain trust account on the Samba server as described previously, open Active Directory Domains and Trusts on the AD controller of the domain whose resources you wish Samba users to have access to. Remember that since NT4-style trusts are not transitive, if you want your users to have access to multiple mixed-mode domains in your AD forest, you will need to repeat this process for each of those domains. With Active Directory domains and trusts open, right-click on the name of the Active Directory domain that will trust our Samba domain and choose Properties, then click on the Trusts tab. In the upper part of the panel, you will see a list box labeled Domains trusted by this domain: and an Add... button next to it. Press this button and, just as with NT4, you will be prompted for the trusted domain name and the relationship password. Press OK and after a moment, Active Directory will respond with The trusted domain has been added and the trust has been verified. Your Samba users can now be granted access to resources in the AD domain.

Samba HowTo Guide
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