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Samba HowTo Guide
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Interdomain Trust Facilities

A two-way trust relationship is created when two one-way trusts are created, one in each direction. Where a one-way trust has been established between two MS Windows NT4 domains (let's call them DomA and DomB), the following facilities are created:

Figure18.1.Trusts overview.

Trusts overview.
  • DomA (completes the trust connection) Trusts DomB.

  • DomA is the Trusting domain.

  • DomB is the Trusted domain (originates the trust account).

  • Users in DomB can access resources in DomA.

  • Users in DomA cannot access resources in DomB.

  • Global groups from DomB can be used in DomA.

  • Global groups from DomA cannot be used in DomB.

  • DomB does appear in the logon dialog box on client workstations in DomA.

  • DomA does not appear in the logon dialog box on client workstations in DomB.

  • Users and groups in a trusting domain cannot be granted rights, permissions, or access to a trusted domain.

  • The trusting domain can access and use accounts (users/global groups) in the trusted domain.

  • Administrators of the trusted domain can be granted administrative rights in the trusting domain.

  • Users in a trusted domain can be given rights and privileges in the trusting domain.

  • Trusted domain global groups can be given rights and permissions in the trusting domain.

  • Global groups from the trusted domain can be made members in local groups on MS Windows domain member machines.

Samba HowTo Guide
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