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Samba HowTo Guide
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Share Permissions Management

The best tool for share permissions management is platform-dependent. Choose the best tool for your environment.

Windows NT4 Workstation/Server

The tool you need to manage share permissions on a Samba server from a Windows NT4 Workstation or Server is the NT Server Manager. Server Manager is shipped with Windows NT4 Server products but not with Windows NT4 Workstation. You can obtain the NT Server Manager for MS Windows NT4 Workstation from the Microsoft web site support section.


  1. Launch the NT4 Server Manager and click on the Samba server you want to administer. From the menu select Computer, then click on Shared Directories.

  2. Click on the share that you wish to manage and click the Properties tab, then click the Permissions tab. Now you can add or change access control settings as you wish.

Windows 200x/XP

On MS Windows NT4/200x/XP system, ACLs on the share itself are set using native tools, usually from File Manager. For example, in Windows 200x, right-click on the shared folder, then select Sharing, then click on Permissions. The default Windows NT4/200x permission allows "Everyone" full control on the share.

MS Windows 200x and later versions come with a tool called the Computer Management snap-in for the MMC. This tool is located by clicking on Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.


  1. After launching the MMC with the Computer Management snap-in, click the menu item Action and select Connect to another computer. If you are not logged onto a domain you will be prompted to enter a domain login user identifier and a password. This will authenticate you to the domain. If you are already logged in with administrative privilege, this step is not offered.

  2. If the Samba server is not shown in the Select Computer box, type in the name of the target Samba server in the field Name:. Now click the on [+] next to System Tools, then on the [+] next to Shared Folders in the left panel.

  3. In the right panel, double-click on the share on which you wish to set access control permissions. Then click the tab Share Permissions. It is now possible to add access control entities to the shared folder. Remember to set what type of access (full control, change, read) you wish to assign for each entry.

Samba HowTo Guide
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