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Samba HowTo Guide
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The ability to preserve ACLs depends on appropriate support for ACLs as well as the general file system semantics of the host operating system on the target server. A migration from one Windows file server to another will perfectly preserve all file attributes. Because of the difficulty of mapping Windows ACLs onto a POSIX ACLs-supporting system, there can be no perfect migration of Windows ACLs to a Samba server.

The ACLs that result on a Samba server will most probably not match the originating ACLs. Windows supports the possibility of files that are owned only by a group. Group-alone file ownership is not possible under UNIX/Linux. Errors in migrating group-owned files can be avoided by using the smb.conf file force unknown acl user = yes parameter. This facility will automatically convert group-owned files into correctly user-owned files on the Samba server.

An example for migration of files from a machine called nt4box to the Samba server from which the process will be handled is shown here:

root#  net rpc share migrate files -S nt4box --acls \
    --attrs -U administrator%secret

This command will migrate all files and directories from all file shares on the Windows server called nt4box to the Samba server from which migration is initiated. Files that are group-owned will be owned by the user account administrator.

Share-ACL Migration

It is possible to have share-ACLs (security descriptors) that won't allow you, even as Administrator, to copy any files or directories into it. Therefor the migration of the share-ACLs has been put into a separate function:

root#  net rpc share migrate security -S nt4box -U administrator%secret

This command will only copy the share-ACL of each share on nt4box to your local samba-system.

Simultaneous Share and File Migration

The operating mode shown here is just a combination of the previous three. It first migrates share definitions and then all shared files and directories and finally migrates the share-ACLs:

net rpc share MIGRATE ALL <share-name> -S <source>
    [--exclude=share1, share2] [--acls] [--attrs] [--timestamps] [-v]

An example of simultaneous migration is shown here:

root#  net rpc share migrate all -S w2k3server -U administrator%secret

This will generate a complete server clone of the w2k3server server.

Samba HowTo Guide
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