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Samba HowTo Guide
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When the passdb backend uses LDAP (ldapsam), it is the administrator's responsibility to create the essential domain groups and to assign each its default RID.

It is permissible to create any domain group that may be necessary; just make certain that the essential domain groups (well known) have been created and assigned their default RIDs. Other groups you create may be assigned any arbitrary RID you care to use.

Be sure to map each domain group to a UNIX system group. That is the only way to ensure that the group will be available for use as an NT domain group.

Table11.1.Well-Known User Default RIDs

Well-Known Entity RID Type Essential
Domain Administrator 500 User No
Domain Guest 501 User No
Domain KRBTGT 502 User No
Domain Admins 512 Group Yes
Domain Users 513 Group Yes
Domain Guests 514 Group Yes
Domain Computers 515 Group No
Domain Controllers 516 Group No
Domain Certificate Admins 517 Group No
Domain Schema Admins 518 Group No
Domain Enterprise Admins 519 Group No
Domain Policy Admins 520 Group No
Builtin Admins 544 Alias No
Builtin users 545 Alias No
Builtin Guests 546 Alias No
Builtin Power Users 547 Alias No
Builtin Account Operators 548 Alias No
Builtin System Operators 549 Alias No
Builtin Print Operators 550 Alias No
Builtin Backup Operators 551 Alias No
Builtin Replicator 552 Alias No
Builtin RAS Servers 553 Alias No

Samba HowTo Guide
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