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Samba HowTo Guide
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A change that has been made to the wins.dat will not take effect until nmbd has been restarted. It should be noted that since the wins.dat file changes dynamically, nmbd should be stopped before editting this file. Do not forget to restart nmbd when this file has been editted.

A typical dynamic entry looks like this:

"MADMAN#03" 1155298378 66R

To make a NetBIOS name static (permanent), simply set the TTL to 0, like this:

"MADMAN#03" 0 66R

The NetBIOS flags may be interpreted as additive hexadecimal values: 00 - Broadcast node registration, 20 - Peer node registration, 40 - Meta node registration, 60 - Hybrid node registration, 02 - Permanent name, 04 - Active name, 80 - Group name. The 'R' indicates this is a registration record. Thus 66R means: Hybrid node active and permanent NetBIOS name. These values may be found in the nameserv.h header file from the Samba source code repository. These are the values for the NB flags.

Though this method works with early Samba-3 versions, there is a possibility that it may change in future versions if WINS replication is added.

Samba HowTo Guide
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