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Postfix Documentation
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Postfix VERP configuration parameters

With Postfix, the whole process is controlled by four configuration parameters.
default_verp_delimiters (default value: +=)

What VERP delimiter characters Postfix uses when VERP style delivery is requested but no explicit delimiters are specified.

verp_delimiter_filter (default: -+=)

What characters Postfix accepts as VERP delimiter characters on the sendmail command line and in SMTP commands. Many characters must not be used as VERP delimiter characters, either because they already have a special meaning in email addresses (such as the @ or the %), because they are used as part of a username or domain name (such as alphanumerics), or because they are non-ASCII or control characters. And who knows, some characters may tickle bugs in vulnerable software, and we would not want that to happen.

smtpd_authorized_verp_clients (default value: none)

What SMTP clients are allowed to request VERP style delivery. The Postfix QMQP server uses its own access control mechanism, and local submission (via /usr/sbin/sendmail etc.) is always authorized. To authorize a host, list its name, IP address, subnet (net/mask) or parent .domain.

With Postfix versions 1.1 and 2.0, this parameter is called authorized_verp_clients (default: $ mynetworks).

disable_verp_bounces (default: no)

if Postfix sends one bounce report for multi-recipient VERP mail, or one bounce report per recipient. The default, one per recipient, is what ezmlm needs.

Postfix Documentation
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