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Postfix Documentation
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Dovecot SASL configuration for the Postfix SMTP server

Dovecot SASL support is available in Postfix 2.3 and later. On the Postfix side you need to specify the location of the Dovecot authentication daemon socket. We use a pathname relative to the Postfix queue directory, so that it will work whether or not Postfix runs chrooted:

smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot
smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth

On the Dovecot side you also need to specify the Dovecot authentication daemon socket. In this case we specify an absolute pathname. In the example we assume that the Postfix queue is under /var/spool/postfix/.

    auth default {
      mechanisms = plain login
      passdb pam {
      userdb passwd {
      socket listen {
        client {
          path = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth
          mode = 0660
          user = postfix
          group = postfix

See the Dovecot documentation for how to configure and operate the Dovecot authentication server.

Postfix Documentation
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