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Postfix Documentation
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Updating Berkeley DB files safely

Although Postfix uses file locking to avoid access conflicts while updating Berkeley DB or other local database files, you still have a problem when the update fails because the disk is full or because something else happens. This is because commands such as postmap(1) or postalias(1) overwrite existing files. If the update fails in the middle then you have no usable database, and Postfix will stop working. This is not an issue with the CDB database type available with Postfix 2.2 and later, because CDB database rebuilds are atomic.

With multi-file databases such as DBM, there is no simple solution. With Berkeley DB and other "one file" databases, it is possible to add some extra robustness by using "mv" to REPLACE an existing database file instead of overwriting it:

# postmap && mv access.db

This converts the input file "" into the output file "", and replaces the file "access.db" only when the postmap(1) command was successful. Of course typing such commands becomes boring quickly, and this is why people use "make" instead, as shown below. User input is shown in bold font.

# cat Makefile
all: aliases.db access.db virtual.db ...etcetera...

# Note 1: commands are specified after a TAB character.
# Note 2: use 
postalias(1) for local aliases, 
postmap(1) for the rest.
	mv aliases.db

	mv access.db

	mv virtual.db

# vi
...editing session not shown...
# make
mv access.db

The "make" command updates only the files that have changed. In case of error, the "make" command will stop and will not invoke the "mv" command, so that Postfix will keep using the existing database file as if nothing happened.

Postfix Documentation
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