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30.7. Compile and install FAQ-O-Matic

Before you Compile, Decompress the tarball (tar.gz).
        [root@deep ] /# cp FAQ-O-Matic-version.tar.gz /var/tmp/
        [root@deep ] /# cd /var/tmp/
        [root@deep ]/tmp# tar xzpf FAQ-O-Matic-version.tar.gz

You need to compile, to install the Faq-O-Matic program on your computer, move into the new FAQ-O-Matic directory and type the following commands on your terminal:
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# perl Makefile.PL
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# make
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# make install
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# mv fom /home/httpd/cgi-bin/           (1)
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# mkdir -p /home/httpd/cgi-bin/fom-meta
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# mkdir -p /home/httpd/faqomatic
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# chown root.www /home/httpd/cgi-bin/fom
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# chown -R www.www /home/httpd/cgi-bin/fom-meta/
          [root@deep ] /FAQ-OMatic-2.709# chown -R www.www /home/httpd/faqomatic/

Or wherever your CGIs live.

  • The make command will compile all source files into executable binaries

  • The make install will install the Perl programs and any supporting files into the appropriate locations

  • The mv command will move the main fom CGI program of Faq-O-Matic to the cgi-bin directory of your Apache web server.

  • The mkdir will create new directories named fom-meta and faqomatic under the /home/httpd/ directory where we'll handle all related FAQ-O-Matic files.

  • Finally, the chown command will set the owner of the fom CGI program to be the super-user root and the group to be the user Apache run as www and will set the directories fom-meta and faqomatic to be owned by www and group by www.

Note: You'll receive a temporary password via mail during the compilation of the software. This password will be necessary to complete later the installation of Faq-O-Matic through the web interface.

  Published under the terms of the Open Publication License Design by Interspire