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Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
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11.2.1 Mailing lists

There are a lot of Debian-related mailing lists.

On a system with the doc-debian package installed there is a complete list of mailing lists in /usr/share/doc/debian/mailing-lists.txt.

Debian mailing lists are named following the pattern debian-list-subject. Examples are debian-announce, debian-user, debian-news. To subscribe to any list debian-list-subject, send mail to debian-list-subject[email protected] with the word "subscribe" in the Subject: header. Be sure to remember to add -request to the e-mail address when using this method to subscribe or unsubscribe. Otherwise your e-mail will go to the list itself, which could be embarrassing or annoying, depending on your point of view.

If you have a forms-capable World Wide Web browser, you can subscribe to mailing lists using the WWW form. You can also un-subscribe using a WWW form.

The list manager's e-mail address is [email protected], in case you have any trouble.

The mailing lists are public forums. All e-mails sent to the lists are also copied to the public archive, for anybody (even non-subscribers) to browse or search. Please make sure you never send any confidential or unlicensed material to the lists. This includes things like e-mail addresses. Of particular note is the fact that spammers have been known to abuse e-mail addresses posted to our mailing lists. See the Mailing Lists Privacy policy for more information.

Archives of the Debian mailing lists are available via WWW at What is the code of conduct for the mailing lists?

When using the Debian mailing lists, please follow these rules:

  • Do not flame; it is not polite. The people developing Debian are all volunteers, donating their time, energy and money in an attempt to bring the Debian project together.
  • Do not use foul language; besides, some people receive the lists via packet radio, where swearing is illegal.
  • Make sure that you are using the proper list. Never post your (un)subscription requests to the mailing list itself[6]

Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
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