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Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
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11.5 How do I report a bug in Debian?

If you have found a bug in Debian, please read the instructions for reporting a bug in Debian. These instructions can be obtained in one of several ways:

  • By anonymous FTP. Debian mirror sites contain the instructions in the file doc/bug-reporting.txt.
  • On any Debian system with the doc-debian package installed. The instructions are in the file /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt.

You can use the package reportbug that will guide you through the reporting process and mail the message to the proper address, with some extra details about your system added automatically. It will also show you a list of bugs already reported to the package you are reporting against in case your bug has been reported previously, so that you can additional information to the existing bug report.

If you want to mail the report with an e-mail program, send a message to [email protected]. The message's first line must be similar to

     Package: package-name

(replace package-name with the name of the package). The next line should relate the package version number in a similar way:

     Version: version-number

The version number for any package installed on your system can be obtained using the command line

     dpkg -s package-name

This section is referred to as the pseudo-header. The rest of the message should contain the description of the bug (please make it moderately detailed), the Debian release you are using, and versions of other relevant packages. The Debian release number will be displayed by the command

     cat /etc/debian_version

Expect to get an automatic acknowledgement of your bug report. It will also be automatically given a bug tracking number, entered into the bug log and forwarded to the debian-bugs-dist mailing list.

Debian GNU/Linux FAQ
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