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Chapter�13.�KDE Edutainment

The KDE Edutainment Project offers children, families, and teachers some educational programs. You can find applications to help you improve your language skills and train your vocabulary, like KVocTrain and KWordQuiz; or Scientific programs, like the very advanced KStars (a planetarium) and Kig (interactive geometry), which will bring you to the edge of knowledge. Have fun learning touch-typing with KTouch. Teachers will find an easy way to make their lessons with KEduca. You can find a complete list of KDE educational software on the KDE-Edu website. What follows is an overview of a few of them.

View the handbook of each application by typing help:/<appname> in Konqueror's Location Toolbar, or by selecting it in KHelpCenter.

Improve your language skills


An easy-to-use application which implements the classical hangman game. You can choose for the words to be from a particular topic and even choose from a selection of difficulty levels. The program comes in twenty-four languages, and is therefore quite ideal for learning the spelling of basic nouns in other languages.


An application specially designed to help the user learn the alphabet of a new language and then to learn to read simple syllables. Ideal for children, or any person attempting to learn and familiarize themselves with a foreign language's alphabet. A number of alphabets are currently supported.


A simple mind-training game, in which you have to figure out the word that has been given in the program. The letters from the word are disordered, and from the given words you have to solve which word the letters might make, if rearranged. Similar to the popular Countdown game as seen on Television.


A simple way to learn and study Spanish verb forms. The program suggests a verb and a tense and the user enters the different forms. The program corrects the user input and gives feedback. The user can edit the list of the verbs that can be studied and the program can build regular verb forms, and the forms of the most important verb groups, by itself. Irregular verb forms can be entered by the user.


Another advanced vocabulary training application, using the flash card approach. Vocabulary files can be downloaded and loaded into the application.


A Japanese reference and learning tool. Words from both English and Japanese can be looked up, and filtered, using the Edict and Kanjidic dictionary protocols. Other features in Kiten include a few comprehensive search functions, a history of searches, and a learning section which contains various different learning modes.


A program to help revise Latin. There are vocabulary, grammar, and verb testing sections. In addition there is a set of revision notes that can be used for self-guided revision.

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