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The Objects Menu

The Objects menu allows you to layer objects and to group and align objects. Objects can be selected individually with the left mouse button by clicking on the object. This allows a single object to be selected at a time. To select multiple objects you can hold down the Shift key while you click the left mouse button. Selecting with the left mouse button actually toggles the selected

Image dia-menu-objects

state of the object. You can also select a group of objects simply by dragging the left mouse button (hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse around) on the canvas to define a rectangular area. When you release the left mouse button all objects in the rectangular region will be selected. Of course, you can also use the Select menu described above to select objects.

Once you have objects selected the menu items in the Objects menu become available. Send to Back and Bring to Front have the obvious meaning. Figure 24.7 shows the effect of selecting a Text object which is on top of a Box object and sending it to the back. The Box object ends up occluding the Text object.

Figure 24.7: Demonstration of Send to Back: The Text object is selected and then sent to the back, being occluded by the Box object.
Image dia-f2b1 Image dia-f2b2 Image dia-f2b3

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