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 Contents of "deploy" directory

The files in the default deploy directory are explained in the following table.
File Description
bsh-deployer.xml This file configures the bean shell deployer, which deploys bean shell scripts as JBoss services.
cache-invalidation-service.xml This is a service that allows for custom invalidation of the EJB caches via JMS notifications. It is disabled by default.
client-deployer-service.xml This is a service that provides support for J2EE application clients. It manages the java:comp/env enterprise naming context for client applications based on the application-client.xml descriptor.
ear-deployer.xml The EAR deployer is the service responsible for deploying J2EE EAR files.
ejb-deployer.xml The EJB deployer is the service responsible for deploying J2EE EJB JAR files.
ejb3.deployer.xml Contains implementation and the configuration of the EJB3 container.
ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml Contains standard configuration of the EJB3 interceptor stacks.
hsqldb-ds.xml hsqldb-ds.xml configures the Hypersonic embedded database service configuration file. It sets up the embedded database and related connection factories.
http-invoker.sar http-invoker.sar contains the detached invoker that supports RMI over HTTP. It also contains the proxy bindings for accessing JNDI over HTTP.
jboss-aop-jdk50.deployer This service configures the AspectManagerService and deploys JBoss AOP applications.
jboss-bean.deployer jboss-bean.deployer provides the JBoss microcontainer, which deploys POJO services wrapped in .beans files.
jboss-ha-local-jdbc.rar jboss-ha-local-jdbc.rar is a version of jboss-local-jdbc.rar that supports datasource failover.
jboss-ha-xa-jdbc.rar jboss-ha-xa-jdbc.rar is a version of jboss-xa-jdbc.rar that supports datasource failover.
jboss-local-jdbc.rar jboss-local-jdbc.rar is a JCA resource adaptor that implements the JCA ManagedConnectionFactory interface for JDBC drivers that support the DataSource interface but not JCA.
jboss-xa-jdbc.rar jboss-xa-jdbc.rar is a JCA resource adaptor that implements the JCA ManagedConnectionFactory interface for JDBC drivers that support the XADataSource interface.
jbossjca-service.xml jbossjca-service.xml is the application server implementation of the JCA specification. It provides the connection management facilities for integrating resource adaptors into the JBoss server.
jboss-web.deployer The jboss-web.deployer directory provides the Tomcat servlet engine.
jbossws.sar jbossws.sar provides J2EE web services support.
jboss-messaging.sar/hsqldb-persistence-service.xml hsqldb-persistencee-service.xml provides JMS state management using Hypersonic.
jboss-messaging.sar/destinations-service.xml destinations-service.xml configures a number of JMS queues and topics used by the JMS unit tests.
jboss-messaging.sar/messaging-service.xml The messaging-service.xml file configures the core JBoss Messaging JMS service.
jms-ra.rar jms-ra.rar is a JCA resource adaptor that implements the JCA ManagedConnectionFactory interface for JMS connection factories.
jms-ds.xml Contains configuration of the JMS resource adapter.
jmx-console.war The jmx-console.war directory provides the JMX Console. The JMX Console provides a simple web interface for managing the MBean server.
jmx-invoker-service.sar jmx-invoker-service.sar is an unpacked MBean service archive that exposes a subset of the JMX MBeanServer interface methods as an RMI interface to enable remote access to the JMX core functionality. This is similar to the legacy jmx-rmi-adaptor.sar, with the difference that the transport is handled by the detached invoker architecture.
jsr-88-service.xml jsr-88-service.xml provides the JSR 88 remote deployment service.
mail-ra.rar mail-ra.rar is a resource adaptor that provides a JavaMail connector.
mail-service.xml The mail-service.xml file is an MBean service descriptor that provides JavaMail sessions for use inside the JBoss server.
management/console-mgr.sar console-mgr.sar provides the Web Console. It is a web application/applet that provides a richer view of the JMX server management data than the JMX console. You may view the console using the URL https://localhost:8080/web-console/.
monitoring-service.xml The monitoring-service.xml file configures alert monitors like the console listener and email listener used by JMX notifications.
properties-service.xml The properties-service.xml file is an MBean service descriptor that allows for customization of the JavaBeans PropertyEditors as well as the definition of system properties.
quartz-ra.rar Contains Quartz scheduler resource adapter.
scheduler-manager-service.xml Contains sample scheduler configurations. Disabled by default.
scheduler-service.xml The scheduler-service.xml and schedule-manager-service.xml files are MBean service descriptors that provide a scheduling type of service.
sqlexception-service.xml The sqlexception-service.xml file is an MBean service descriptor for the handling of vendor specific SQLExceptions.
uuid-key-generator.sar The uuid-key-generator.sar service provides a UUID-based key generation facility.
Table 2.4. Contents of "deploy" directory

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