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2.2.3. The "all" Server Configuration File Set

The "all" server configuration file set is located in the JBOSS_DIST/jboss-as/server/all directory. In addition to the services in the "default" set, the all configuration contains several other services in the conf/ directory as shown below.
File Description
cluster-service.xml This service configures clustering communication for most clustered services in JBoss.
deploy-hasingleton-service.xml This provides the HA singleton service, allowing JBoss to manage services that must be active on only one node of a cluster.
deploy.last/farm-service.xml farm-service.xml provides the farm service, which allows for cluster-wide deployment and undeployment of services.
ejb3-clustered-sfsbcache-service.xml Contains EJB3 stateful session bean clustering configuration.
ejb3-entity-cache-service.xml Contains EJB3 entity bean clusteing configuration.
httpha-invoker.sar This service provides HTTP tunneling support for clustered environments.
iiop-service.xml This provides IIOP invocation support.
jboss-web-cluster.sar Contains configuration of the http session replication service.
juddi-service.sar This service provides UDDI lookup services.
snmp-adaptor.sar This is a JMX to SNMP adaptor. It allows for the mapping of JMX notifications onto SNMP traps.
Table 2.5. Additional Services in "deploy" directory for "all" configuration

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