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Linuxtopia - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reference Guide (Italiano) - Parametri SCSI

A.2. Parametri SCSI

Controller dei dischi 3ware3w-xxxx.o 
NCR53c810/820/720, NCR53c700/710/700-6653c7,8xx.o 
Adaptec AACRAIDaacraid.o 
Adaptec 28xx, R9xx, 39xx AHA-284x, AHA-29xx, AHA-394x, AHA-398x, AHA-274x, AHA-274xT, AHA-2842, AHA-2910B, AHA-2920C, AHA-2930/U/U2, AHA-2940/W/U/UW/AU/, U2W/U2/U2B/, U2BOEM, AHA-2944D/WD/UD/UWD, AHA-2950U2/W/B, AHA-3940/U/W/UW/, AUW/U2W/U2B, AHA-3950U2D, AHA-3985/U/W/UW, AIC-777x, AIC-785x, AIC-786x, AIC-787x, AIC-788x , AIC-789x, AIC-3860aic7xxx.o 
Controller RAID ICPgdth.o 
ServeRAID IBMips.o 
AMI MegaRAID 418, 428, 438, 466, 762megaraid.o 
Qlogic 1280qla1280.o 

Tabella A-1. Parametri SCSI

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire