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11.5. Summary

The GNU/Linux platform is fully multi-media enabled. A wide variety of devices like sound cards, tv-cards, headsets, microphones, CD and DVD players is supported. The list of applications is sheer endless, that is why we needed to shortenthe list of new commands below and limit ourselves to general audio commands.

Table 11-1. New commands in chapter 11: Audio

Command Meaning
alsaconf Configure the ALSA sound system.
alsamixer Tune output levels of ALSA driver.
arecord Record a sound sample.
aumix Audio mixer tool.
cdp Play an audio CD.
cdparanoia Rip an audio CD.
cdplay Play an audio CD.
gnome-alsamixer Gnome ALSA front-end.
gnome-cd Gnome front-end for playing audio CDs.
gnome-sound-recorder Gnome front-end for recording sound samples.
kaudiocreator KDE front-end for creating audio CDs.
kmix KDE front-end for sound settings.
krec KDE front-end for recording sound samples.
mplayer Multi-media player.
play Command line tool for playing sound samples.
Introducing Linux
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