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 The Info pages

In addition to the man pages, you can read the Info pages about a command, using the info command. These usually contain more recent information and are somewhat easier to use. The man pages for some commands refer to the Info pages.

Get started by typing info info in a terminal window:

File:,  Node: Top,  Next: Getting Started,  Up: (dir)

Info: An Introduction

   Info is a program, which you are using now, for reading
documentation of computer programs.  The GNU Project distributes most
of its on-line manuals in the Info format, so you need a program called
"Info reader" to read the manuals.  One of such programs you are using

   If you are new to Info and want to learn how to use it, type the
command `h' now.  It brings you to a programmed instruction sequence.

   To learn advanced Info commands, type `n' twice.  This brings you to
`Info for Experts', skipping over the `Getting Started' chapter.

* Menu:

* Getting Started::             Getting started using an Info reader.
* Advanced Info::               Advanced commands within Info.
* Creating an Info File::       How to make your own Info file.
--zz-Info: (, 24 lines --Top-------------------------------
Welcome to Info version 4.2. Type C-h for help, m for menu item.

Use the arrow keys to browse through the text and move the cursor on a line starting with an asterisk, containing the keyword about which you want info, then hit Enter. Use the P and N keys to go to the previous or next subject. The space bar will move you one page further, no matter whether this starts a new subject or an Info page for another command. Use Q to quit. The info program has more information.

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