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2. Understanding i386 and Other Computer Architectures

The Fedora Project provides versions of Fedora Core for PCs, and also for a range of other machines that are based on different technologies. Each version of Fedora Core is built for computers that are based on a specific architecture. All 32-bit PCs are based on the i386 architecture. You may also install versions of Fedora Core on computers that are based on x86_64 or ppc technology. The architectures are explained below:


Intel x86-compatible processors, including Intel Pentium and Pentium-MMX, Pentium Pro, Pentium-II, Pentium-III, Celeron, Pentium 4, and Xeon; VIA C3/C3-m and Eden/Eden-N; and AMD Athlon, AthlonXP, Duron, AthlonMP, and Sempron


PowerPC processors, such as those found in Apple Power Macintosh, G3, G4, and G5, and IBM pSeries systems


64-bit AMD processors such as Athlon64, Turion64, Opteron; and Intel 64-bit processors such as EM64T

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