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Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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Mailing Lists

Here are some of the mailing lists that cover GTK+ and Gnome development topics:

  • [email protected] is appropriate for questions about using GTK+, reading the GTK+ source code, discussion of GTK+ bugs, and so on.

  • [email protected] is very high traffic; it is the general Gnome mailing list, for discussion of all things Gnome-related.

  • [email protected] is the right list for questions about the Gnome libraries and how to write programs with them. It's also appropriate for discussing the development of the libraries themselves, or submitting patches which modify the libraries.

  • [email protected] is an alternative to gtk-list more focused on application development. Most things appropriate for this list are also appropriate for gtk-list, but gtk-app-devel-list has less traffic if you're concerned about that.

  • [email protected] is for discussion of developing the glib, GDK, and GTK+ libraries. It is not for discussion of using the libraries to develop applications.

  • [email protected] carries announcements related to Gnome and Gnome applications. It is relatively low-traffic.

To subscribe to any of these mailing lists, append -request to the list name and send a message with subscribe [email protected] in the subject. For example, I would subscribe to [email protected] by sending a message to [email protected] with subscribe [email protected] in the subject line.

Please, ask any and all questions about GTK+ and Gnome development on one of the mailing lists or on IRC. It is inappropriate to mail the developers privately, unless you have reason to believe they have special knowledge of some particular section of code. You'll almost certainly get a faster and better response from the list anyway.

Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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