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Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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To install datafiles from your you simply come up with a name for the install target---pixmap seems good---then create a variable for the directory and a corresponding variable for the files to install there. For example:

EXTRA_DIST = gnome-hello-logo.png

pixmapdir = $(datadir)/pixmaps

pixmap_DATA = gnome-hello-logo.png

The "pixmap" string connects the pixmapdir variable with the pixmap_DATA variable. automake interprets the _DATA suffix and generates appropriate rules in This segment installs gnome-hello-logo.png into $(datadir)/pixmaps; $(datadir) is a variable filled in by configure. Typically $(datadir) is /usr/local/share (more precisely, $(prefix)/share), which is the standard location for architecture-independent data files (that is, files which can be shared between several systems with different binary file formats).

the section called EXTRA_DIST describes the EXTRA_DIST variable.

The standard location for Gnome pixmaps is $(datadir)/pixmaps, so we used that in the example. The Gnome Project encourages the use of PNG format for all pixmaps; this format is supported by gdk_imlib, the Gnome image-loading library. It is also small, fast, and unencumbered by patents.

Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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