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Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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Line Item

GnomeCanvasLine represents one or more line segments joined at their endpoints. You can use it to represent an unfilled polygon as well. GnomeCanvasPolygon is used for filled polygons.

A line is specified using a GnomeCanvasPoints structure, which looks like this:

typedef struct {
        int num_points;
        double *coords;
        int ref_count;
} GnomeCanvasPoints;


The coords field contains an array of points, alternating X and Y coordinates. You fill the coords array directly, after creating a GnomeCanvasPoints with gnome_canvas_points_new(); the structure should be destroyed with gnome_canvas_points_unref().

Lines can have arrowheads on either end; the arrowhead shape is specified via three parameters, arbitrarily named A, B, and C. Parameter A (specified with the arrow_shape_a argument) specifies the distance from the base of the arrowhead to the tip. B specifies the distance from the tip of the arrowhead to one of the trailing points; C specifies the distance of a trailing point from the outer edge of the line.

Table 2. GnomeCanvasLine Arguments

Name Type Read/Write Description
points GnomeCanvasPoints* Both Points in the line
fill_color gchar* Write-only Fill color; string for gdk_color_parse()
fill_color_gdk GdkColor* Both Fill color; specified as already-allocated GdkColor
fill_color_rgba guint32 Both Fill color; specified as 32-bit value packing red, green, blue, and alpha into bytes 1, 2, 3, and 4; alpha of 255 is opaque, 0 is invisible
fill_stipple GdkBitmap* Both Stipple to use when drawing line; GDK mode only
width_pixels guint Write-only Width of the line, in pixels (independent of zoom)
width_units double Write-only Width of the line, in canvas units; pixel width changes with zoom factor (pixels per unit)
cap_style GdkCapStyle Both Cap style (GDK mode only)
join_style GdkJoinStyle Both Join style (GDK mode only)
line_style GdkLineStyle Both Line style (GDK mode only)
first_arrowhead gboolean Both Whether to put an arrowhead at the start of the line
last_arrowhead gboolean Both Whether to put an arrowhead at the end of the line
smooth gboolean Both Whether to smooth the line using parabolic splines
spline_steps guint Both Number of steps to use when rendering curves
arrow_shape_a double Both Length of arrowhead
arrow_shape_b double Both Length of arrowhead edges (tip to trailing points)
arrow_shape_c double Both Width of arrowhead
Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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