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Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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Table of Header Files

This appendix lists most of the header files in GTK+ and Gnome, in alphabetical order, with a brief description of each one. Remember that the previous appendix gives a slightly longer description of each widget and GtkObject.

Table 1. glib, GTK+, and Gnome Header Files

Header Description
art_affine.h Affine operations
art_alphagamma.h Alphagamma tables
art_bpath.h Bezier paths
art_filterlevel.h "Filter levels" for image rendering
art_gray_svp.h Rendering sorted vector paths to a grayscale buffer
art_misc.h Miscellaneous libart declarations
art_pathcode.h Path operators (moveto, lineto, etc.)
art_pixbuf.h Pixel buffers
art_point.h Point data types (i.e. X,Y coordinate pairs)
art_rect.h Rectangle data types
art_rect_svp.h Bounding box computation for sorted vector paths
art_rect_uta.h Bounding rectangles from a microtile array
art_rgb.h Basic RGB drawing primitives (run-filling)
art_rgb_affine.h Affine transformation of RGB buffers
art_rgb_bitmap_affine.h Affine transformation of bitmaps
art_rgb_pixbuf_affine.h Affine transformation of generic pixel buffers
art_rgb_rgba_affine.h Affine transformation of RGBA buffers
art_rgb_svp.h Rendering sorted vector paths to RGB buffers
art_svp.h Sorted vector path data type
art_svp_ops.h Sorted vector path set operations (union, intersection, etc.)
art_svp_render_aa.h Antialiased sorted vector path rendering
art_svp_vpath.h Sorting an unsorted vector path
art_svp_vpath_stroke.h "Strokes" a vector path yielding a sorted vector path
art_svp_wind.h Winding rules for sorted vector paths
art_uta.h Microtile array data type
art_uta_ops.h Microtile array set operations (union, etc.)
art_uta_rect.h Conversion from a rectangle to a microtile array
art_uta_svp.h Conversion from a sorted vector path to a microtile array
art_uta_vpath.h Conversion from a vector path to a microtile array
art_vpath.h Vector path data type
art_vpath_bpath.h Bezier path to vector path conversion
art_vpath_svp.h Sorted vector path to vector path conversion
gdk.h GDK function declarations
gdkcursors.h GDK builtin cursor IDs
gdki18n.h Portability wrappers for iswalnum() and iswspace()
gdkkeysyms.h GDK keysym names (GDK_space, GDK_Up, etc.)
gdkprivate.h Private GDK types
gdkrgb.h GDK's GdkRGB module
gdktypes.h GDK type declarations
gdkx.h Declarations for GDK-to-X mapping
glib.h glib header
gnome-about.h GnomeAbout widget
gnome-animator.h GnomeAnimator widget
gnome-app-helper.h GnomeApp add-ons, including GnomeUIInfo menu/toolbar generation
gnome-app-util.h User messages, via dialog or statusbar
gnome-app.h GnomeApp widget
gnome-appbar.h GnomeAppBar widget
gnome-calculator.h GnomeCalculator widget
gnome-canvas-image.h GnomeCanvasImage canvas item
gnome-canvas-line.h GnomeCanvasLine canvas item
gnome-canvas-load.h Routine to load a PNG with alpha transparency
gnome-canvas-polygon.h GnomeCanvasPolygon canvas item
gnome-canvas-rect-ellipse.h GnomeCanvasRect and GnomeCanvasEllipse canvas items
gnome-canvas-text.h GnomeCanvasText canvas item
gnome-canvas-util.h Miscellaneous canvas-related routines
gnome-canvas-widget.h GnomeCanvasWidget canvas item
gnome-canvas.h GnomeCanvas widget, GnomeCanvasItem base class and GnomeCanvasGroup item
gnome-client.h GnomeClient session management interface
gnome-color-picker.h GnomeColorPicker widget
gnome-config.h Configuration file API
gnome-dateedit.h GnomeDateEdit widget
gnome-defs.h Miscellaneous libgnome macros
gnome-dentry-edit.h GnomeDEntryEdit object
gnome-dentry.h .desktop file handling
gnome-dialog-util.h Dialog convenience functions
gnome-dialog.h GnomeDialog widget
gnome-dns.h Asynchronous DNS lookups
gnome-dock-band.h GnomeDockBand widget
gnome-dock-item.h GnomeDockItem widget
gnome-dock-layout.h GnomeDockLayout object
gnome-dock.h GnomeDock widget
gnome-entry.h GnomeEntry widget
gnome-exec.h Convenience wrappers to exec child processes
gnome-file-entry.h GnomeFileEntry widget
gnome-fileconvert.h Routine that attempts to convert between MIME types
gnome-font-picker.h GnomeFontPicker widget
gnome-font-selector.h GnomeFontSelector widget
gnome-geometry.h Convenience functions for geometry strings (e.g. 1000x1000+0+0)
gnome-guru.h Obsolete "wizard" widget
gnome-help.h gnome_help_goto() and friends
gnome-history.h Recently-used-file history
gnome-href.h GnomeHRef widget
gnome-i18n.h Gnome internationalization macros
gnome-i18nP.h Library-internal internationalization (private)
gnome-ice.h Code to handle an ICE connection
gnome-icon-entry.h GnomeIconEntry widget
gnome-icon-item.h GnomeIconTextItem canvas item (don't use; library-private)
gnome-icon-list.h GnomeIconList widget
gnome-icon-sel.h GnomeIconSelection widget
gnome-init.h gnome_init() and variants
gnome-less.h GnomeLess widget
gnome-mdi-child.h GnomeMDIChild object
gnome-mdi-generic-child.h GnomeMDIGenericChild object
gnome-mdi-session.h Session management support for GnomeMDI
gnome-mdi.h GnomeMDI object
gnome-messagebox.h GnomeMessageBox widget
gnome-metadata.h Facilities for associating data with files
gnome-mime-info.h Get information about registered MIME types
gnome-mime.h Determine MIME type of a file
gnome-number-entry.h GnomeNumberEntry widget
gnome-paper-selector.h GnomePaperSelector widget
gnome-paper.h Deprecated interface for paper size configuration (use gnome-print instead)
gnome-pixmap-entry.h GnomePixmapEntry widget
gnome-pixmap.h GnomePixmap widget
gnome-popt.h Argument-parsing-related declarations
gnome-popup-help.h Routine to add popup help to a widget
gnome-popup-menu.h Convenience routines to create right-click popup menus
gnome-preferences.h Routines to load and save certain Gnome-wide preferences
gnome-procbar.h GnomeProcBar widget
gnome-properties.h Experimental interface for handling preferences
gnome-property-entries.h Auxiliary routines for experimental gnome-properties.h interface
gnome-propertybox.h GnomePropertyBox widget
gnome-regex.h Wrapper for regcomp() that caches compiled regular expressions
gnome-remote.h Remote command execution (user configures the remote execution command on a per-host basis)
gnome-score.h Routines to load and save high scores
gnome-scores.h GnomeScores widget
gnome-sound.h Routines to play sounds
gnome-spell.h GnomeSpell widget
gnome-startup.h Routines to allow "locking" during session startup
gnome-stock.h Gnome stock pixmap widgets and declarations
gnome-triggers.h Register events and actions to trigger when the events happen
gnome-types.h Assorted type declarations
gnome-uidefs.h Assorted macros
gnome-url.h gnome_url_show() to display an URL using a user-configured method
gnome-util.h Lots of useful utility functions
gnome-winhints.h Gnome window manager hints
gnome.h Includes all the public libgnome and libgnomeui headers
gnorba.h libgnorba header file
gtk-clock.h GtkClock widget
gtk-ted.h GtkTed widget
gtk.h Includes the public GTK+ headers and gdk.h
gtkaccelgroup.h Accelerator key support
gtkaccellabel.h GtkAccelLabel widget
gtkadjustment.h GtkAdjustment object
gtkalignment.h GtkAlignment widget
gtkarg.h GtkArg type
gtkarrow.h GtkArrow widget
gtkaspectframe.h GtkAspectFrame widget
gtkbbox.h GtkButtonBox widget
gtkbin.h GtkBin widget
gtkbindings.h Keybinding support for GTK_RUN_ACTION signals)
gtkbox.h GtkBox widget
gtkbutton.h GtkButton widget
gtkcalendar.h GtkCalendar widget
gtkcauldron.h Experimental dialog-creation routines
gtkcheckbutton.h GtkCheckButton widget
gtkcheckmenuitem.h GtkCheckMenuItem widget
gtkclist.h GtkCList widget
gtkcolorsel.h GtkColorSelection widget
gtkcombo.h GtkCombo widget
gtkcompat.h Compatibility macros for renamed or removed functions
gtkcontainer.h GtkContainer widget
gtkctree.h GtkCTree widget
gtkcurve.h GtkCurve widget
gtkdata.h GtkData object
gtkdial.h GtkDial widget
gtkdialog.h GtkDialog widget
gtkdnd.h GTK+ drag-and-drop interface
gtkdrawingarea.h GtkDrawingArea widget
gtkeditable.h GtkEditable widget
gtkentry.h GtkEntry widget
gtkenums.h Enumerations used in GTK+
gtkeventbox.h GtkEventBox widget
gtkfeatures.h Macros to identify GTK+ library version
gtkfilesel.h GtkFileSelection widget
gtkfixed.h GtkFixed widget
gtkfontsel.h GtkFontSelection widget
gtkframe.h GtkFrame widget
gtkgamma.h GtkGammaCurve widget
gtkgc.h Graphics context cache interface
gtkhandlebox.h GtkHandleBox widget
gtkhbbox.h GtkHButtonBox widget
gtkhbox.h GtkHBox widget
gtkhpaned.h GtkHPaned widget
gtkhruler.h GtkHRuler widget
gtkhscale.h GtkHScale widget
gtkhscrollbar.h GtkHScrollbar widget
gtkhseparator.h GtkHSeparator widget
gtkimage.h GtkImage widget
gtkinputdialog.h GtkInputDialog widget
gtkintl.h GTK+ internationalization
gtkitem.h GtkItem widget
gtkitemfactory.h GtkItemFactory object
gtklabel.h GtkLabel widget
gtklayout.h GtkLayout widget
gtklist.h GtkList widget
gtklistitem.h GtkListItem widget
gtkmain.h GTK+ main loop
gtkmarshal.h GTK+ signal marshallers
gtkmenu.h GtkMenu widget
gtkmenubar.h GtkMenuBar widget
gtkmenufactory.h GtkMenuFactory (use item factory instead)
gtkmenuitem.h GtkMenuItem widget
gtkmenushell.h GtkMenuShell widget
gtkmisc.h GtkMisc widget
gtknotebook.h GtkNotebook widget
gtkobject.h GtkObject base class
gtkoptionmenu.h GtkOptionMenu widget
gtkpacker.h GtkPacker widget
gtkpaned.h GtkPaned widget
gtkpixmap.h GtkPixmap widget
gtkpixmapmenuitem.h GtkPixmapMenuItem widget
gtkplug.h GtkPlug widget
gtkpreview.h GtkPreview widget
gtkprogress.h GtkProgress widget
gtkprogressbar.h GtkProgressBar widget
gtkradiobutton.h GtkRadioButton widget
gtkradiomenuitem.h GtkRadioMenuItem widget
gtkrange.h GtkRange widget
gtkrc.h GTK+ rc file parsing
gtkruler.h GtkRuler widget
gtkscale.h GtkScale widget
gtkscrollbar.h GtkScrollbar widget
gtkscrolledwindow.h GtkScrolledWindow widget
gtkselection.h Selection-handling routines
gtkseparator.h GtkSeparator widget
gtksignal.h Signal-related declarations
gtksocket.h GtkSocket widget
gtkspinbutton.h GtkSpinButton widget
gtkstatusbar.h GtkStatusbar widget
gtkstyle.h GtkStyle type and themed drawing routines
gtktable.h GtkTable widget
gtktearoffmenuitem.h GtkTearoffMenuItem widget
gtktext.h GtkText widget
gtkthemes.h Theme engine data type
gtktipsquery.h GtkTipsQuery widget
gtktogglebutton.h GtkToggleButton widget
gtktoolbar.h GtkToolbar widget
gtktooltips.h GtkTooltips object
gtktree.h GtkTree widget
gtktreeitem.h GtkTreeItem widget
gtktypebuiltins.h GTK+ builtin type IDs
gtktypeutils.h GTK+ type system routines
gtkvbbox.h GtkVButtonBox widget
gtkvbox.h GtkVBox widget
gtkviewport.h GtkViewport widget
gtkvpaned.h GtkVPaned widget
gtkvruler.h GtkVRuler widget
gtkvscale.h GtkVScale widget
gtkvscrollbar.h GtkVScrollbar widget
gtkvseparator.h GtkVSeparator widget
gtkwidget.h GtkWidget base class
gtkwindow.h GtkWindow widget
libgnome.h Includes all public libgnome headers
libgnomeui.h Includes all public libgnomeui headers
zvtterm.h ZvtTerm widget
Gtk+/Gnome Application Development
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