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Grokking The Gimp
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Figure  6.25(a)

Figure 6.25: Comparing Color Balance to the Curves Tool
Figure 6.25

shows the dialog for the Color Balance tool. This allows an image to be adjusted in the shadow, midtone, or highlight regions for the red-cyan, green-magenta, or blue-yellow balance. Curves does exactly the same thing except with much greater precision. Raising a curve at a point adds more of the color it represents at the expense of the complementary color around that point. Lowering the curve has the opposite effect, that of shifting the balance towards the complementary color.

The Curves tool can do anything the Color Balance tool can, but better. The reason Curves is more powerful is that the Color Picker can be used to identify exactly which input values need color balancing. The Color Picker  is shown in Figure  6.25(b), and it is displaying a value for a measured pixel in an image. This value can be precisely placed and manipulated in the Curves tool. Figure  6.25(c) shows how a control point, corresponding to the green component of the measured pixel, has been placed on the Green channel curve. This placement of a control point, corresponding to a measured pixel value, permits the subsequent, precise correction of color balance at this point. By comparison, the Color Balance tool only allows for the gross selection of input regions (shadow, midtone, and highlight) and is incapable of performing the precision color corrections described in detail in Section  6.2.2.

The conclusion is that the Curves tool is much more precise and versatile than the Color Balance tool.

Grokking The Gimp
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