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Grokking The Gimp
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Loading Fonts

The Text  tool in the GIMP requires fonts served up by the X Window System. Unfortunately, not every X Window System is delivered with all the cool fonts you'll want to have. It is possible, though, to download a nice set of fonts from the Internet and to install them on your system. This section describes how to do that. Note that although the advice given here will work on many Linux and UNIX systems, it is not guaranteed to work on all of them. The goal of this section is to be helpful, but due to the variability of different systems, it would be impossible to cover all cases.

There are two widely used font collections for computers running the X Window System. These collections are called freefonts  and sharefonts.  They can be found at many places around the web, but two places you might try are:
The files to download will be named something like freefonts-0.10.tar.gz and sharefonts-0.10.tar.gz. The names may change to reflect updated version numbers.

Once downloaded, they must be installed in a font directory. For RedHat Linux systems, fonts are typically installed in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/. However, this may be different for other systems running the X Window System. It is not necessary to install the fonts in the system directory. They can be installed anywhere that is convenient--even in the user's home directory. This last option may be necessary for a user who wants to use great fonts but doesn't have root privilege.

The following instructions assume that the installation is being made to the user's directory called ~/FONTS. After downloading the two font packages and moving them to this directory, the instructions for installing the freefonts package are as follows:

% cd ~/FONTS
% gzip -dc freefonts-0.10.tar.gz | tar xvf -
This uncompresses and unpacks the font collection archive. This is followed by the commands that tell the X Window System where the new fonts live:
% xset fp+ ~/FONTS/freefont
% xset fp rehash
Follow the same instructions to install the sharefonts package and that's all there is to it! The freefonts package contains 79 fonts and the sharefonts package 22. The next time the GIMP is run, these new fonts will be available to the Text tool.

If these fonts were not pre-installed in the usual system directory, you'll need to tell the X Window System where to find them each time you start up a new X session. This can be automated by putting the last two commands above in your .xinitrc file.

Grokking The Gimp
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